How is the event?


Before the event, selected people will have access to online courses and training to prepare, and during, we will have mentoring, workshops and assessments.!



The event will start with a welcome coffee and an activity to warm up and ensure that everyone gets into the spirit. At that time, we will also form the group, diversifying the profiles and knowledge to the maximum.



The team that developed the challenge will pass the detailed briefing to everyone, explaining the problem, the evaluation criteria and the deliveries that are necessary.



Our technology team has prepared some training and workshops, which will take place during MovileHack AFRO. The content is very good! In addition, we will have a course track from the Alura platform for the 50 approved people to prepare and warm up the engines!



In addition to a lot of food and energy, which is the standard, we are preparing many surprises to make MovileHack AFRO unique.



At the end of MovileHack AFRO, the teams will present their solutions and be evaluated by a very high level bank (really, really high).

What is MovileHack AFRO?

30h event promoted by Grupo Movile exclusively for black people. It aims to bring together people interested in technology, to discuss and develop solutions on the theme "education" for vulnerable young people.


More than solving a problem, we want to contribute to the development of participants and many activities will happen for that. Are you ready?

Contact Information

Event start date: 3/7 (Saturday)
Start time: 8:30 am
End date: 03/08 (Sunday)
End time: 3 pm
Theme: How to educate vulnerable young people using technology?
Location: Movile São Paulo - São Paulo / SP
Public: this is an exclusive event for black people, this being a mandatory criterion for the selection / classification and participation

The challenge

  MovileHack AFRO has the theme "How to educate young people in vulnerable situations using technology? " And the challenge of the edition will be aimed at discussing and developing innovative solutions with technology that promotes opportunities for this audience.

So, do you accept the challenge?


• You will be immersed , for 30 hours, in an innovative environment with a lot of technology;


• You can teach and learn from other people in the community;


• It will be close to one of the largest technology groups in Brazil , composed of companies that have changed many markets;


• You will develop a lot during the event;


• You will meet many good people , from the most diverse areas;

The Awards

1st Group: R $ 4,000.00, mentoring with Nina Silva and full access to the Alura platform for 3 months.


2nd Group: R $ 3,000.0, 1 Kindle for each participant and full access to the Alura platform for 3 months.


3rd Group: R $ 1,500.00, 1 book for each participant and full access to the Alura platform for 3 months.

Special appearances and mentors

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