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Impact on a global scale

To achieve our dream of making the lives of 1 billion people better we seek and support global businesses that share this same goal. Our main pillars are: Food & Groceries, Tickets, Content & Services, Payments, Single sign-on. We are committed to empowering our current and future partners!


As a Group, we already operate in Brazil, the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, and Chile. We have 3000 employees who are passionate about the same dream, we are empowered to build new businesses with global potential and are motivated to take risks!

We are already impacting many lives:


Some curiosities that show Movile's impact and our ability to create and accelerate business:

39 Attempts

PlayKids came up in 6 months after 39 attempts, and today has over 5 million active users.

Movile Group has become a case study at Harvard Business School and Stanford in an MBA dedicated only to founders and CEOs of large companies. We are one of the first Brazilian unicorns and according to LinkedIn Top Companies, the most desired technology company to work for in Brazil.

In addition, it is part of our ecosystem: