Our big dream is to make the lives of 1 billion people better through our apps.

Impact on a global scale

To achieve our Big Dream of making a positive impact in the lives of more than 1 billion people we invest in people and companies that share this same goal. We are focused on five main pillars: Food, Fintech, Live Experiences, Messaging, Kids Content and Logistics. 


The Movile Group operates in Brazil, United States, Mexico, Columbia, Peru, Argentina, and Chile. We already have more than 4,400 employees who are passionate about our Big Dream and willing to take the risks needed in building world-class businesses. The synergy of strategies and technologies between our companies speeds up market disruption, creates new value, and brings the future closer. 

We already have a big positive impact on many lives


Present in 1000 cities. 39 million orders per month.


More than 32,000 simultaneous events on the platform.


25 million monthly active users. Over 60 million downloads

More than 15 thousand users and 10 thousand registered restaurants.


More than 500 partners and 10,000 indirect jobs.


$ 100 million in annual revenue. 200 million users impacted monthly. 12 billion messages.


Over 1.2 million deliveries per month

Here are some interesting facts that demonstrate how Movile transforms businesses into global companies

39 relaunches

PlayKids appeared in 6 months after 39 attempts , and today it has more than 25 million active users

We are very proud of the recognition we’ve received so far, for our hard work in pursuing our goal of improving the lives of a billion people.

# 1 Ticket Sales Platform in Latin America

# 1 food delivery marketplace in Latin America

Top profitable apps for kids

Harvard Business School and Stanford University use Movile Group as a case study in a special MBA program offered only to founders and CEOs of large companies.

LinkedIn Top Companies says we are the most desired company to work for in Brazil.

In addition: