To positively impact the lives of 1 billion people 

We grow tech companies and people!

We create businesses with global potential

Movile develops and invests in technology businesses and people that can reach their maximum potential. The Movile Group is a mutually supportive ecosystem of leading startups working together to harness the exponential growth of technology. 



Brazil’s most desired jobs

The Movile Group of startups have been the top choice for tech jobs in Brazil for several years because of the opportunities and working at a Movile Group company means thinking big — big enough to make a positive difference in the lives of more than one billion people.

Our Manifesto

- Ethics comes before everything else. We recognize the high level of responsibility we have in the tech sector and we will not betray peoples’ trust.

- We work with people willing to transform themselves, to leave their comfort zones and who are motivated by achieving big dreams.

- We think big, act quickly, we take risks, and we respect diversity. 

- We have a culture of continuous innovation in things big and small.

- We celebrate our successes and we learn from our failures.

- We believe in impossible challenges. 


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What our team say about us

“I feel like I'm part of iFood, Zoop, PlayKids, MovilePay, Sympla and Wavy. This range of possibilities oxygenates me and, for me, is one of the things that motivates me to be part of this story so that I can build my legacy here! "

Natália Zeferino

People Manager at Movile