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We were born in 1998, our story started in a small room of Unicamp's junior business incubator. At the time, we didn't have more than 10 people working, we were called Compera, and basically, we worked on developing and selling SMS and ringtones. Our dream has always been so big! (...)


An ecosystem is something composed of diverse agents that connect and, coexisting, create new ways of being, acting, and thinking

As a holding company we are forming an ecosystem composed of several technology companies, focused mainly on the pillars:


We raise investment and allocate capital intelligently

We want to nurture, strengthen and live our ecosystem every day, not only to achieve our big dream of making life better for 1 billion people but also because we want to help each other grow and for that, exchanging ideas is critical!

The growth of each company benefits the others and this leverages us to exponential numbers and milestones.


At Movile, our culture translates the way we want to achieve our dream and it all starts with our values. Ownership is part of us and we want more owners committed to our business. Everyone can find extraordinary opportunities here. Personal and professional development is real in many ways. Our business is dynamic we are always changing.

So think lean

 Keep your focus on doing better, simpler, to grow as fast as the business grows. Forget the obvious, innovate without fear of making a mistake! Always remember, we work on life-changing products for millions of people every day.

Our culture

Our culture is what guides our way of doing things. The Movilian Way of Being has brought us here and will lead us to our big dream. We did not give it up and, therefore, we formed a team GENTE FIRME, based on our values.

Gente/People: We want to bring and build the best teams, with people who love challenges and value diversity.

Ethics:  We do everything based on ethical standards, we are responsible and always act the right way and not the easy way;

Meritocracy: We apply meritocracy daily to high-potential people who deliver great results to accelerate our big dream;

Results: We are obsessed with great results and celebrate our great deliveries;

Innovation: Our environment is open and we encourage innovation. We are always looking for the best solutions in an agile way. All the time we get out of our comfort zone, take risks and learn fast from our mistakes;

Customer Focus: We put our customer at the center of all solutions;

We love open spaces, our offices are designed to have free access between people and easy sharing of ideas and knowledge. The less bureaucracy, the faster things happen, and in a dynamic way!

Movile Group is present in more than 7 countries with around 20 offices, and all of them reflect our Moviliano Way of Being, that is, a strong culture that goes beyond our daily life, which is rooted in our DNA.

Where we are: