The course that will take you to another level!

Backend Development Class
Artificial Intelligence Class

What will be taught?


Object-oriented programming

Defensive programming


Construction of flexible and extensible codes


What do you need to know?


Experience with software development

Knowledge and practice in Java

What will be taught?


Data analysis and introduction to artificial intelligence

Supervised learning Unsupervised learning

Computer vision and AutoML Introduction to DeepLearning

What do you need to know?


Python experience Liking math Desirable experience with data science packages (Pandas or Matplotlib)

What it is?

Movile Next is an initiative created by companies of the Movile Group to train professionals in the technology community, share learning and cases and enable career advancement. Those approved for the course will attend 4 face-to-face classes on Saturdays, attend our technology leaders, have access to various activities and other complementary content during the week.

Class of
Android Development
IOS Development Class
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Jessica Temporal
(Data Scientist e Developer)
Renan Oliveira
(Data Scientist no iFood)
Luanna Pimentel
(Full-stack developer no iFood)
Felipe Santos
(Software Engineer no iFood)

How it works

Before everything

We want to make the course a different environment, so we will aim for blind recruitment, we will keep secrets about a large part of the data to avoid any bias in the selection.


• You will experience an intense immersion in learning and exchange of knowledge;

• Practice all your knowledge with real Movile Group cases ;

• Will have access to presentations by technology teams from companies such as iFood, Sympla, Wavy and PlayKids ;

• Access to classes on the latest languages ​​and technologies ;

• It will be close to one of the largest technology groups in Brazil , composed of companies that have changed many markets;

• You will meet lots of good people , get ready to get inspired.


Julia Tessler
(Data Scientist iFood)
Leonardo Zamariola
(Software Engineer na MovilePay)
Paula Santos
(Data Scientist Senior)
Camila Pelizaro
(Product Analyst na Wavy)
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